Monday, February 18, 2008

How I got my name

Even though Valentine's Day is over, I like the decorating I did for that holiday, and I have decided to keep most of it as it is. My home has always been decorated in the country theme and I love it, but lately I've been needing a little change. By incorporating some of these romantic roses and flowered items, I have created my romantic country home. That's how I came up with the name of my blog. A lot of the things that I moved to the living area were in my bedroom. I have lots of items with roses on them. I have always loved them. I am a gardener and I can grow lots of other flowers, but I only have two rosebushes. I really want to have about a dozen or so, but I must buy the wrong kinds because they never seem to make it through the winters here.

This is my dining room corner cabinet. The dining room is very small, so this cabinet takes up the least amount of room. I collect the dishes and plates with roses and flowers. I also collect the clear glass in the Wexford pattern.

This is a speaker that doesn't work, but I've kept it because it is smaller than a real table would be and it's nice to have more display space.

This is my dry sink at the end of the dining room. It has storage space in the bottom, where I store extra dishes and such.

This is my printer's tray that my daughter and her hubby gave to me for Christmas one year. I love it and I'm always looking for things that will fit into the little spaces.

This is my dining room table, somewhat made up for company.
Since I am new to blogging, I have a lot to learn, but so far it's been fun. I've spent many hours reading other's blogs and trying to figure out how to go about some of the things that I see here. I'm sure in no time I'll be right up there with the rest of you. (I hope). 'Til next time. Love ya, Jean

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