Friday, February 8, 2008

Can one have too many collections?

Some of my collections have to stop growing! I am running out of room for them! I love them but may have to give up some of them. For instance, I have about 100 my shed. There were so many piled up on my dining room floor that when someone went to sit down for dinner, they couldn't help but knock some of them over. Thus, lots of noise as they hit the slate floor and everyone scrambling to pick them up. I still have a bunch of small ones on top of the corner cabinet. I keep looking up there and thinking that I need to clean and arrange and delete a few of those ones. Then there's the front window and the colored glass. I posted a pic earlier but I'm showing that again. I can't put one more piece of glass up there. What's a collector supposed to do when they run out of room?

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