Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Pink Baby Scrappy...

Made this one with all pink scraps 
that I had from other quilts...
First time doing the corner blocks...
figured it out on my own!  Lol

It is really pink...
and so cute...
picture does not do it justice...

I love doing these and I am gathering some
 lavenders and purples for the next one...

That's it for now...
'Til next time...
Love ya,  Jean 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Maple Syrup Time...

2017 Maple Syrup Season...

I'm making maple syrup from my silver maple tree
in my backyard again this year.
This is my second year.  So far this year,
I've gotten 2 and a half pints.
The sap started flowing early this year.  I hope it continues.
 Last year I got 7 half-pints.  I'm hoping for a lot more this year!
It's a beautiful thing!!

'Til next time.
Love ya,  Jean

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Ernie enjoying a cold one on a hot beach day...

I see my great grandson was playing with my
miniature beach scene last time he was here.  LOL

Thought this was funny,  had to show someone!

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day,
with lots of love flying around,
I did!

Have a great day!
'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gelatin Dessert...

I made up a recipe for Gelatin Dessert...
The reason being that I have been having
 high blood sugar readings,  
and so I have been trying to lower my carbs...
The sugar-free gelatin that you buy 
is made with artificial sweetener.  
I wanted to avoid that by using 
Stevia for the sweetener.  
It is a natural sweetener,  
made from the Stevia plant,
and has no calories!
It is very low in carbs,  too!   
After some experimenting 
with different proportions of ingredients,  
this is what I came up with.
The recipe is pretty simple...

Lemon or Lime Gelatin Dessert

2 Cups water
1 envelope Knox Gelatine
1/3 Cup Stevia
4 Tablespoons lemon  or  lime juice
2 drops of yellow or green food coloring

First,  pour one envelope of gelatine into 1 cup of cold water. 

Stir and let sit for a few minutes.

In the meantime, get your serving dishes ready.
I put mine on a tray for easy handling.

After the gelatine is softened,
put the cup in the microwave
for 3 1/2 minutes or until it boils.
Bring it out and add the other ingredients to the cup.
Stir well for a minute or two until everything is dissolved.
Then add cold water to the 2 cup mark.

Pour the mixture (this is lemon) into the dishes,
cover loosely with plastic wrap,
and refrigerate for 4-6 hours or until it is set.

Each one is about 1/3 cup serving.
If you have it plain,  there are NO calories!
 It does have maybe one half of a gram of carb
from the Stevia.

If you add a little whipped cream,
you do have one or two carbs,
but still very low,  for a dessert.

YUM!  It is so light and refreshing!

The perfect ending to a meal!
I alternate the flavors,
 Lemon this time,  Lime next time.
We love it!

You may want to try this.
Let me know if you come up with some new flavors.
I'm thinking mint or coconut or rum...

I want to add that I am not affiliated in any way
 with the name brand products shown in this recipe.
 They are just what I have on hand,
and how I make this recipe.

'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean