Monday, September 14, 2015

A transformation...

This was a very hot,  humid summer here in New England.  It made gardening very difficult,  but I persevered and did get some things accomplished.  This is the area under my old ornamental cherry tree.  This tree is about 55 years old,  has fire blight and is on the decline.  An arborist came around about 5 years ago and wanted to cut it down.  I couldn't bear the thought,  and it has rebounded a bit.  I will have it trimmed again in another month or so and I will keep it as long as I possibly can.  I love this tree.

This area of my garden went from this...

to this!

I took out the scruffy cedar trees that had grown there,  cleaned out the pachysandra that had taken over, and put in tons of compost and mulch.  I like how it looks now.

I'm  looking forward to cooler weather, so that I can work more comfortably out there.  The garden will be put to sleep again for the winter before we know it.

'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean