Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's been raining, raining, & raining some more....

While I've been cooped up in the house, I practiced my cake decorating. I had some 6" cakes in the freezer and I wanted to try a new marshmallow fondant recipe, so I made this little cake. These little ribbon roses are the same as the ones that are on the bottom of the cake stand. You can't see it because I accidentally deleted the pic that shows the bottom of the plate.
This was a sort of topsy-turvy cake but didn't work too well because all the cakes were more or less the same size. It was a fun one to do and I learned some things from it, so it was a good lesson. It was also delicious and my family was very impressed. (ahem).

I wanted to show you some of my flowers and how they have matured from my last post. The Rudbeckia is still sending out new flowers.
The Autumn Joy Sedum is in its full glory:

The ferns are starting to decline somewhat, but still have some life left in them. I love how they change color, just like the leaves on the trees.
I have not been able to garden since last week, as we have had 5 days of rain. Things are pretty soggy around here. My next day off is Friday and I hope by then things will dry out some.
I also wanted to let you know about a free giveaway!! It is of a Beach theme.
Joanne over at "my little cottage in the making", is having a drawing on Oct. 6 for *a cute Salt & Pepper shaker set that looks like seashells *a pale blue dish towel with shells on it *a pretty blue Yankee Candle called Willow Breeze *a tiny little ceramic box covered with seashells and has a small dainty blue flower on top *a pencil starfish *a beautiful floral tray. She has a very beautiful and interesting blog, so hop on over to Joanne's blog and enter her giveaway.

'Til next time, Love ya, Jean