Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wish I was there........

Mardi gras.............

A celebration..........

The last day before Lent (Fat Tuesday)......
A feasting before fasting.............

Held in New Orleans, LA.........


Lots of fun.............


And BEADS, lots of BEADS...........

Here is my meager collection of such beads................

A Close up of the beads............

I wish I had more and yes, ~~
I wish I was there!
Here's to Mardi gras..........
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Wonderful Give-away!

Cathy, over at Crazy by Design, is celebrating her 100th post by having a wonderful giveaway! Shown above is a sampling of what the prize is, she will be adding more to suit the winner's needs. I just found her blog through Candy at Rock Candy and I have to say, her quilting and sewing designs are so beautiful. So hop on over there to get the details and to check out her blog.
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Monday, February 23, 2009

An Award For Me!

(Dory singing)

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

What do we do?

We swim, swim.

Makes me smile, laugh, and just plain have a good time!!!

Come on girls, join the 'school'

and let's just keep swimming.

And if you want this award...TAKE IT!!!

'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Vignette~~~~

This is a little table next to my bed. It holds the lamp, of course, and some of my favorite books down below. At the moment, it also has some of my favorite thrift store finds on it. The frame, started out gold, I painted it white and then I put some fuschia paint over that, and then I wiped it off. I like the way it looks. The little square box was a dark grey resin and pretty, but the grey had to go. So, I painted it white and then put a few little touches of gold on it. I love the way it looks now. I made the little rose bouquet many years ago and once in a while, I have to get the canned air out and give it a good dusting. The little china dish was a find at the thrift store.

The little plate was a gift from one of my clients when I was a hairdresser. She was from England and had gone back for a visit. I thought it was a lovely thing that she brought me back a beautiful English Bone China dish. I think of her when I look at it. She was a gracious lady and I enjoyed doing her hair and visiting with her, every week for many years.

This little picture is really a greeting card that someone framed. I love it!
And lookie who escaped from the picture and is enjoying her new found freedom........... I named her Sally 'cause she's from the Salvation Army.
These are a few of my favorite things!
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paris Love..........

NO, I didn't go to Paris, France recently.......This is one of my pictures taken at Epcot at DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. It sure looks real, doesn't it? Especially with the architecture that is all around it. And the bridge makes you think you are crossing the river that runs right through the city. It all seems like a beautiful dream...........
You can click on the picture to enlarge----
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Monday, February 9, 2009

Beauties to Savor--

Close your eyes--

smell the chocolate and the strawberry--

taste the wonderful combination of the flavors--

it's a match made in heaven!!


'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Won! I Won! I Won!

I am so thrilled!
I won Jan & Tom's give-away for the beautiful Morning Glory Teacup! I usually don't win anything. I buy lottery tickets to no avail. I go to the casinos and lose all my money. I just don't usually win things. NEVER, until today. ~~I visited Rose Haven and there was my name. I couldn't believe it! This is a picture of the teacup and saucer set, isn't it beautiful?

They are running a teacup and saucer set drawing for 15 weeks total, and giving away one set every week. They are also giving away blog makeovers. So, go and visit them, you could be a lucky winner, too. They have a beautiful site, with lots of useful information and a lot going on. Thanks, Jan and Tom!
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Mind's Eye-----

I am dreaming of Spring, the time when the temperatures are mild, and the sun is shining. The birds wake me in the early morning, just outside my bedroom window. They are calling for their mates and building their nests. My garden is in it's full glory. Here is what I see in my mind's eye:

Dancing Butterfly Peony:

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle):

My ornamental Cherry Tree in bloom:

Here is what I'm really seeing out my front door today~~~~Temperature about 7 degrees, cloudy skies, and about a foot of snow everywhere!
I just need to be patient, Spring will be here in no time at all. In the meantime, I have my friends, my hobbies and my loved ones to keep me warm!
'Til next time, Love Ya, Jean

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Great Give-Away!

I found another great give-away over at Amy's blog, Four Sisters in a Cottage. She is giving away these beautiful sheets of ephemeras. One is of children and the other is roses postcards. Here is a picture of the pieces you would get:

There are actually two sets in this picture--the top part is the children's set and the bottom part is the roses set. You would win one set! Aren't they beautiful!

The drawing will be on Friday night, Feb 6, 2009. Go on over to Amy's blog and leave a comment on the post about the ephemera sets. If you post about her give-away on your blog, you get ten extra entries! How can you beat that! So much fun!!!

'Til next time, Love ya, Jean

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Teacup Give-Away!

I was just visiting over at Jan & Tom's place, Rose Haven, and they are having a fabulous give-away, beautiful tea cup and saucer sets!! The give-away runs for 13 weeks, so you have a great chance to win. Click on the button on the right side of my blog to go over there and find out the details.
Here is the teacup and saucer that they are giving away this week!

Is this a beautiful tea cup and saucer set or what!!!!!


'Til next time, Love ya, Jean