Monday, March 31, 2008

A New Family Member!

I can't believe March is over! Where does the time go? I guess it gets swallowed up in life. I had been so busy with Easter that the time just flew by. Lots of work to do when you have a candy store and Easter is looming over you. We made lots and lots of chocolate everythings (eggs, bunnies, lollipops, dipped in chocolate peeps and bunnies) . We worked very hard and I hope Easter is not so early next year!

In the meantime, we have added a new member to our family. This is not a great picture (I chased him all over the house and finally cornered him here) and DUSTY needs a good grooming, but he is a joy to us. I don't think that he likes his picture taken too much though. It is so much fun having a pet again. It has been many years since we've had a dog and I had forgotten how much fun they are. So, I'm learning about all the new products that are available now (for dogs) and having a good time while I'm learning. He is three yrs. old, loves to play ball, a very friendly little guy and very affectionate. He also loves the grandchildren, which is a very good thing!


'Til the next time, Love ya, Jean

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bridging the gap 'til Spring.....

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful! It is breathtakingly beautiful and the pic certainly does not do it justice.

I have two large Amaryllis plants. This one is about 15 years old. I bought it at the Flower Show in Boston and I paid $5 for it. That shows you how old it is! lol I have been getting these beautiful blooms each year. This scape has 3 flowers on it. The flower is totally red, the yellow that you see is from the sun shining through the petals.
There are 3 flowers on this scape. The third is behind this large one. It is not quite fully open yet.
You can see how large the flower is. (and my old hand)

This is the other plant. It is about 5 years old. It's scape is a lot later than the first, even though I started them both up at the same time.

This is the first plant and it has a second scape emerging on the other side of the bulb.

Another shot of the first one.
I pollinated this one two years ago and I now have 3 two year old bulbs and I pollinated it again last year and have 9 (!) one year old bulbs. I want to pollinate the second one this year and eventually I'll get to see the results. My daughter also gave me a pink one for Christmas, but I don't think it'll flower this year. It has large leaves but no sign of a flower scape. I'll have to baby it this year and then hopefully next year, I'll get a flower. (or two). If anyone wants the particulars of growing and getting the amaryllis to flower, email me and I will be glad to give you the instructions on how to do that. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this beautiful sight!!! Til next time, Jean

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flower Show

Today is a great day! I got the scent of 100's of sweet spring flowers! Two friends, daughter and granddaughter and I went to the Central MA Flower and Patio Show in Worcester, MA., held at the DCU Center. Here is a little peek at what we saw............

These beautiful tulips are "pretty in pink".

I loved the way they placed this Adirondac chair in front of the pink azalea and the stone wall.

These would look gorgeous in my living room.

And this is a cute little set for the patio.

The DCU logo that was out front.

It was soooooo good to see the flowers and the beautiful landscapes. I always marvel at how they get these spring flowers to bloom at exactly the right time for the show. I am totally looking forward to Spring now.