Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowman On Fire?!

I received a new cake pan for Christmas from my daughter. It is a snowman pan and it makes two halves of the snowman, front and back. You ice it in the middle and stick the two halves together. Then you stick it in a base of icing, upright, and then ice the whole thing. I used a large star tip, and that helped to speed things up a little. It was pretty time consuming, but I think it was worth the effort. I love doing this type of cake, they always look so cute. I named him Frosty--So original, huh?

Here is Frosty in his "before" state: I made the cake for my Grandson's 15th birthday and he really liked it!
'Til next time, Love Ya, Jean

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannie
I just love your blog. It is so you. One of these days Ill do my own. I love the cake, the poem, and u have been so busy refurbishing for spring. Love ya, Sha