Monday, May 11, 2009

Some accomplishments this week...........

I had a busy week and I got a few things accomplished. First, I shopped for my swing for my backyard. I found a nice one a Lowe's, bought it, brought it home, and my honey and I put it together and hung it up. It was pretty easy to do and I totally love it. It is made of cedar, nice and sturdy, well made, and I think it will hold up well. Remember the yard sale money? This is how I paid for my new swing and all the "extras".

I also shopped for some fabric to make new covers for my pads for the outdoor furniture, brought it home, cut out the shapes for the pads. I had to go to work, so I came home that night and sewed them.

Then, we decided we needed one of those little fire bowls that you can use in your backyard. We need to be able to toast marshmallows with the grandchildren. So, we go shopping again, and found one of those at Target. What fun! It needed to be put together, also. My honey took care of that and set it all up.

I set up a little garden in the center of the backyard. Here is a picture of it.

I also cleaned up my potting bench, swept off the leaves, spider webs, and dirt that accumulated over the winter.

I also bought lots of flowers, cold weather ones and some artificial ones. It is still not safe here to put out annual flowers yet. The safe date is Memorial Day (end of May), and so we can use cold weather annuals or perennials. I'm still cleaning out the beds and pulling weeds and getting last years leaves out of them.

This is where I put the artificial flowers......

My compost pile is growing fast. I should have usable compost by mid-June, hopefully. I love that stuff. My beds where I use it are so soft and everything grows so big and beautiful. It is so worth the work of making it.
So, this was my week, I got a lot accomplished and now I feel that I can work in the garden and that I have gotten a lot of the stuff that I wanted to do out of the way. My pond is coming along nicely and that will be another post later on.

'Til next time, Love ya, Jean


Kim G. said...

Hi Jean! You have been busy in the yard! The new swing and seat covers look great, and your potting area is really cool! Have a great rest of your week!

Back Through Time said...

Wow how wonderful and colorful everything looks!! Great job!

Joy said...

Wow you and your dh have been busy. I love the swing and your garden looks great.