Thursday, August 20, 2009

We climbed that mountain!

On Sunday, we decided we would take a hike. We went to Mt Wachusett, which is actually a ski area here in MA. It's only about 2000 ft., not a large mountain by any standards. It was a good time and harder than we imagined it would be. Here is me and my sweetie at the top. Yes, we did make it to the top! This was the view when we got there!

Here we were almost to the top and taking a lunch break.
This was taken before we started out. Don't they all look nice and fresh?

My grandson looks dwarfed by this huge rock. There are lots of rocks this size and billions of smaller ones that we had to climb on most of the time.

Oh, did I mention that it was 90 degrees and VERY humid. It made the climb very hard and not real comfortable, but 4 hours later, we prevailed--we did it! We climbed that mountain! Why? 'Cause it was there! LOL Seriously, we all had fun and we'll do it again, sometime when it's a little cooler.
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Jean, oh, my goodness, that view is fabulous. Good for you!!!!!!

Love your pictures!

Barb :-)

Brenda Eason said...

Way to go!

essemia said...

Well done! I just found your blog and think it's very nice. Will be back.
Hope you have a nice day.
Love Elzie

Susie's country cottage said...

Great pictures. Congratulations on walking to the top. I dont think I could do that. I went up a mountain at the weekend too but I cheated and got a train to the top instead!
Susie x

Anonymous said...

I am verrrrry impressed with your hiking skills! I exercise regularly, but I really don't think I could hike up that terrific spot. Wow! What a wonderful view! It was certainly worth all of the work. Spending quality time with that great group was worth it, too!

Thanks for the share! Dana

Michele said...

Congrats Jean...oh my gosh, I don't think I could have handled all that heat and humidity! Way to go!


Barb~Bella Vista said...

Dear Rooster Party Participant,

Just a reminder that the Rooster Party is this Friday, August 28th. I am so glad you joined and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Roosters.

Hope you have a wonderful time!


Stella said...

Much easier to enjoy the view when you did the climbing. Looks like a fun time. Great pictures.