Monday, September 13, 2010

Another new sofa?

Actually, this is for my dollhouse......
I put this together from a kit that my BFF gave me, last time I saw her.

I changed the fabric to this small print. It was mauve plain colored fabric from the kit. OK, here's my confession....I made it with the mauve, it looked awful, I couldn't understand the instructions, it was all wrinkly, I think some of the material was missing and I put an extra layer of foam in the arms, so they didn't fit the back! But I was determined to get it right! So I ended up ripping it all off and starting over. I made all the units and then assembled them all together and then it worked! This is a Chippendale Sofa, Circa 1765-75, 1" to 1' SCALE.
I love it now and it'll go really well in my dollhouse! I needed a nice sofa for my living room!
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean