Thursday, December 23, 2010

............................2 more days........

Jesus is the reason for the season.....

These are my figures that I bought at Woolworth's about 40 years ago. I remember buying them over several years because I didn't have the money to buy all at once. I made the stable from scraps of wood that were laying around at the time. I found a few more figures at the thrift store a few years ago. I will continue to buy more if I find them. I just love them and to me they are perfect.

This is a Roy Des Mouse Bank.....1970.....He is a bank and was given out as gifts or incentives to open an account at the banks at that time. This one actually belonged to my little brother, he had two different ones. My Mom gave them to me because he didn't want them. I have them here in my workroom on the shelf. I think they are so cute!

2 more days.....I can't believe it!
I want to say "thank you and welcome" to all my new followers:
Kim G., at Camp Whimsy, whom I've actually known for a long time,
pepi_mali at miniaturas Cisnero
Rachel at Miniature Maid,
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I hope you enjoy my blog and I am happy to get to know each of you. Come back often!
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean


daylily777 said...

Hi Jean ,
I love your nativity , too!
The mouse is so cute . Your tree is beautiful & your Christmas decor looks wonderful & festive .I wish you & your family a very blessed & joyful Christmas !

Kim G. said...

Hi Jean, I love your sweet nativity, and the story behind it is even sweeter. I've started a collection of old woolworth things recently and even ordered a book on the history of Woolworth's. And you are correct, Jesus is the reason for the season! Blessings and Merry Christmas dear!!

Robin said...

I love your Nativity scene - mine comes out every year as well, is about the same age and cost very little.....and is very special too. Your home looks lovely.
Happy Christmas.

Pamela said...

A beautiful nativity. I love reading the story behind the nativity.

I used to shop at Woolworths as a young girl, buying a skein of yarn, a new pattern, or a crochet needle. Holds a special place in my heart.