Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweetness of Spring.......

Look who's peeking from underneath the beautiful tulip.....
I made this beautiful basket of Spring flowers a few years ago and it always does my heart good to bring it down from the attic every Spring. It is so refreshing to look at the beautiful flowers and to know that they will be blooming outside pretty soon. We are having a really cold week but next week looks better. I was able to work outside yesterday. I was all bundled up and was moving around a lot so I wasn't too cold.

~~I have my second appointment at the endodontist tomorrow and I can truthfully say, "I am not looking forward to this". This appointment is to fill the hole that he made last week. He had put some medicine in there to sterilize the inside of the tooth and now he will remove that and plug up the channel. Then, I go back to my dentist and he will put a filling in the tooth part. Needless to say, I will be very happy when this work is finished.

~~I went today and bought a new washing machine. My old one is 34 yrs old and the timer finally gave out. I never had one problem with it in all those years!

I hope everyone has a really wonderful week.

'Til next time, Love ya, Jean


Anonymous said...

I like the cheerful, happy colors in your arrangement.
Sorry you're having so much trouble with your tooth. No one likes going to the dentist!

Lady Jane said...

I love that cheery basket!!! Yes Spring will arrive someday me thinks. Glad when your trial with that tooth is over. As you know we still have a too much snow here to do any outside work, I envy you. 34 YEARS, WOW... I am on my 2nd one so that isnt too bad, but they dont make them like they used too, lol... Love to ya my friend.

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday!!! You really DO have a romantic country home!! And a beautiful blog to show it off! You are a good photographer and a great blogger!! I had the same thing happen to me with one of my root canals. The dentist started an emergency one, but the anesthetic didn't work!! He packed me half way through and I had to wait two weeks to see the specialist. I think you will be fine and the worst is over, but so sorry you had to go through all this pain!!!

Jenny said...

So sweet and springy!

Hope the tooth is better!

ira said...

Estimado amigo Jean!
Tengo la suerte de que estaba en su cuadra, muy bien aquí y la familia. Voy a visitar.
Su ramo de flores en una cesta y pensamientos en el jardín, es la primavera real. ¡Oh! ¿Y los dientes?
Fui al dentista tres meses yo sé el dolor.
Les deseo una feliz Semana Santa y feliz entre los amados hijos y nietos. Irena