Sunday, May 17, 2015

Disney fun at home...

My family came over for Mother's Day.  Before they came I had some time to take pictures of my newest project.  I made new pads and pillows for the furniture and added some other touches around the back yard.  It's always fun to change things out,  to freshen up the place.

Mickey and Minnie came to my house...
Not really,  but it's fun to dream..

New Bird house...

Refurbished this table and chairs with spray paint
and purchased the checkerboard on Amazon...

The polka dot material was my inspiration...

I hand stitched the "hidden Mickey" on this pad...

I added these hanging flowers,  wish I had done it sooner.
I love them!

Painted the chest.
A great place for the cooler full of drinks.

And what is this thing,  you ask?
It is a wasp deterrent.
It is supposed to keep them away
because they think it is a big nest
and they won't try to move into the territory.
We'll see if it works.  I haven't seen any out there yet!

This is the other end of the yard.

These will be going into the ground tomorrow.

My daughter made these for me last year.
They are for a tippy pot arrangement.
I'll show them when I put it together.

It was my daughter and my granddaughter's birthdays,
at the end of April,
so we celebrated a little late,  but it was fun!
Any excuse for a party!

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean


Lady Jane said...

Jean the back yard looks amazing. It looks so different and inviting. I love the seating area and it makes me laugh at your Disney hints. The hanging planters are super. You wont have to weed them, lol... I hope I can get there sometime soon to see it. Love ya.

Lady Jane said...

Whoops let us know if the wasp bag works! I will try one on my porch where they all come in. How big is it?