Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer drought...

This gardening season has been so hard!  
Record high heat and drought have really made 
gardening a challenge!

In spite of it all,  I did manage to grow some tomatoes.
They are green and will probably stay that way for a while.
You see, they don't ripen if temps are more than 90 degrees.
I am hoping that we get a break from the heat.
I am trying to be patient.

I have three tomato plants that I practically drowned--
I thought they were drooping because they needed water,
so I gave them lots.
The more I watered,  they droopier they got!
Then,  I realized that they were waterlogged!  
I stopped adding water and they have come back a little.
It remains to be seen if they will recover or not.

I have three plants in my backyard that are doing great.
So,  at least I have those!
We'll see!

Here are those plants...
Celebrity,  the best tomato that I have found!

I can't wait for the deliciousness!!!

'Til next time,  
Love ya,  Jean 


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Hi Jean,
Oh those tomatoes are going to be delicious! Sorry you are having so much trouble with the planting and this horrid heat! Same here, I have lost pretty much all of my new plantings this spring.. Something told me not to plant this year, and I did not listen to my little voice. It just will not cool down..
Enjoy your weekend, and stay cool.

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

We have been having trouble with our tomatoes too. I put the green ones in paper bag with an apple and they will ripe.

Lady Jane said...

I planted some cherry tomatoes in two medium size pots and they are doing great. With just me eating them now it is just enough. They are ripening little at a time. It has been really hot here too. Wouldn't you know I pick this summer to get rid of the pool... Oh well, I don't miss the work and my neighbor has been really good to invite me to swim over there when the days are very hot. Sometimes when gardening I squirt myself with the hose lol... Max was neutered on Monday and is doing good. He did contact a urinary infection and is on an antibiotic. They did the snipping anyway. He isn't completely cured yet but it is early I am guessing. Hugs, LJ

Kathleen's Blog said...

Wow, your tomatoes look great.
We are growing ours in a greenhouse. Our weather seldom would allow tomato growing outside.
We have a very short growing season here in Newfoundland. We had heavy frost overnight on June 24 this year, and it is already getting pretty chilly at night again.

Love your blog---I'll be back :)