Monday, May 22, 2017

A New Recipe...

I have a new recipe for you...

This is not low carb,  but I indulged in a small piece...

My family loved it!

It is called "Cuppa".

This is easy and quick to put together.

Love that!

So here is the recipe:


1 Cup flour
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Fruit Cocktail with the juice
(I added some extra maraschino cherries on top.)

Mix and bake in a 350 degree oven in a greased pan 
for about 45 min or until golden brown on top.  
I used a glass pyrex dish about 9" x 13".
I tripled the recipe for the size of the dish.

I served mine with homemade vanilla ice cream.

As you can see,  not much left...
This size served about 13 people.
So,  you can adjust the size of it
by how many cups you choose to do.

My 4 year old Great Grandson loved it!
He picked all the fruit out,  then ate the rest.

I hope you like this, 
and you will make it for 
your family or friends,  or yourself.
On another note,  I've been gardening like crazy. 

I also had a wonderful vacation with my BFF in Tucson,  Arizona.  We visited her relatives and had a great time.  The country is so totally different from what I am used to.  Cactus, succulents and sand instead of flowers and green lawns.  It was a wonderful sight to see the cactus in bloom.  The colors are so brilliant.  We did see some beautiful gardens with roses and flowering plants that were so pretty.  It was a wonderful trip and we hope to go on another excursion next year.  We don't know where yet,
 we're thinking about it.

I should have some gardening pictures for you next time.  We are just starting to get some flowers now.  We are past the Spring bulbs now,  but not quite into the annuals and early summer flowers.  I am still doing clean-up,  edging,  digging weeds, and spreading bark mulch.  Lots to do,  not enough time in the day!
My body is sore all over,  but I am happy with my accomplishments!

'Til next time,  
Love ya,  Jean



Lady Jane said...

Oh my goodness, GS is the cutest ever!!! I will save this recipe and make for kids, taking out a small piece for me, of course. I love the fitbit I told you I got, it is a real motivation factor and I am down to 144.5. Although it says not to reach my target weight of 135 till Oct.... Really!!! ... That seems so far away....... Tucson was awesome for sure, my family loved you, girl!!! Love ya, LJ

Mildred said...

Hi, The dessert looks moist and delicious. What a precious photo.
Take care of your sore muscles; it's good to get out in the garden again, isn't it?
Have a nice evening. xoxo

Jean Tuthill said...

Thanks, Lady Jane and Mildred! You are both so kind!