Thursday, May 25, 2017

My silverware collection...

It is raining,  so I'm not gardening today.
I did a little this morning in the rain, 
 but then it started to pour,  so I had to come inside.
So I thought I would do a post for today.

I uploaded some pictures from my camera,  
and I thought you might like to see my silver collection.
It's plated,  so it's not real valuable.

My silverware that I've collected over the years...
I cleaned these pieces last week, 
 they were so dark and dirty looking...

I do love the patina on the creamers 
and my daughter's baby cup though...

 The three trays are ones that I pulled out
 of a dumpster behind a jewelry store.  
What a lucky find that was.
It was the dumpster that we used 
when we had the candy store...

The Disney Ears were made by my sister
for Christmas a couple of years ago.
They are tree ornaments,
but I like to keep them out all year.
They are so cute!  I love them!

I have found a few things at yard sales 
and I eagerly scarf them up!
Most of the pieces came from thrift stores though.

I have so many collections...
I have the hoarder instinct,  I think!

But I try not to overdo it!
I'm running out of room to put the stuff!  Lol

'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean


Mildred said...

You have such a knack for creating interesting vignettes with your collections. I need you to come decorate for me. Between my late mom's collections of items and mine, I just don't know a good way to decorate with them. I have dolls, perfume bottles, cookbooks, figurines!
God bless your weekend.

Lady Jane said...

I love the creamers and the baby cup. The patina is so lovely!!! You do have a knack for finding things you are so lucky that way. Hugs, LJ