Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Dusty.....

This is our dog, Dusty. He came to us as an inheritance in March. He has very quickly worked his way into our hearts. He is 3 years old and lively with lots of energy. He has an understanding of how to manipulate us to get his way. He just has to look at us with those big eyes and he is sure to melt our hearts. It is hard for me to leave him when I have to go to work. I see him sitting by the front window and he is watching me go. I always wave bye to him and he looks so sad. Now I have this poem that a friend wrote. I wanted to share it and it goes like this:
Is He Home? by Glenn Anderson
Is he home?
Grab the bone, grab the bone.
At the door, ears up, tails wag,
Wondering will the day still drag.
Feels like he's been gone a year,
Stand there and stare.
Been waiting all day,
Just want to play.
Turn knob, turn!
Been bored all day.
He knows we want to play,
So why does he go?
Frisbee in the hall,
Just throw it, throw!
He pats our head,
He rubs our belly.
He shows us love,
Even when wet and smelly.
We go for walks,
And have meaningless talks.
We love the woods where we can race,
And we love to lick his face.
But we don't like to be alone,
So please come home.
I will be retiring soon and then we can have great times together, every day, and we'll both be very happy.
'Til next time, Love ya, Jean


Joanne Kennedy said...

What a sweetheart! Just looking at the picture lets me know how easy it was to wiggle his way into your heart!


Back Through Time said...

What a darling little dog!! I can see how how he has worked his way into your hearts:-)

just a little bit shabby said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I think your puupy is sooo cute! I really love dogs. My two are a real part of our life. I understand how he has charmed you! He is probably happy to have some one wonderful to love.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jean - I love your Dusty - what a sweet, sweet face! And what a wonderful poem! You have a very talented friend!! Wishing you a wonderful retirement so you and Dusty can spend lots more time together! I've also tagged you for a Photo Tag game, if you have time. And if you don't, not to worry!...Donna