Friday, January 12, 2018

Baby Quilts...

I've been sewing a lot.  It's winter here in New England and too cold to be outside gardening.  Lots of snow out there.  Winter is truly here.
When I visited my cousin in Florida in November,  she gave me lots of quilt panels, some even had the backings to go with them.  I have been working on them.  I have a place that I can donate them to and they will be well used.  I finished 3 so far and I'm working on the fourth now.  Unfortunately,  my free motion quilting foot on my machine broke last night.  I need to go to the sewing store today and get a new one.  I can't work without this foot.  I am praying that they have one in stock.

So here is the first one.  This is one of those pre-quilted panels.  I just had to make the binding and attach it.  It is really cute!

I didn't do as much background work on this one,  but I think it came out really nice.  I love the pink on the back and for the binding.  I did the hearts by sewing around a cardstock cut out.  Easy and they look so pretty!

This is my new serger.  I haven't really used it yet,  but will use it mostly for my doll clothes that I make.  This was a Christmas gift from my better half...

This is the third quilt.  It is all done with free motion quilting.  It took a really long time,  but I think my skill has improved overall.  I love the matching backing that goes with it.

I have quite a few more to make,  but I love sewing these panels and I know that they will be appreciated by the recipients.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great day!

'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean

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Lady Jane said...

Please have good luck with your new serger. Mine is still hooked up and I haven't got back to it yet. Those quilts are so special and I love working with the pre quilted fabric, have made totes with them. Love ya, LJ