Thursday, September 22, 2022


 It's amazing!  Even after a prolonged extreme drought, very, very hot summer, I still have some flowers that I managed to keep alive!  These are all in my backyard, which was the most extremely hot and the most sunny spot in my garden.


Million Bells that my granddaughter gave me
 for Mother's Day!



Cleome (Spider Plant) with seed pods


Zinnia with Bee
(doing it's job,  collecting pollen!)

Cleome Closeup

Cleome (they are almost 5 feet tall) 

Zinnia in a pot.

The hanging pots are Jazzberry Vista Petunias.  They stayed alive but it was really too hot for them.  They like it better now that the temps have cooled off.

So,  I am also enjoying the cooler temps and it is raining out there today.  Love that,  too!  Hope you enjoy seeing my beautiful flowers and I hope to show more of them soon.  Stay tuned!  Thanks for looking.  
Love ya,  Jean


Hill Top Post said...

You always have the most beautiful gardens. You surely must have a green thumb.

Henny Penny said...

Oh my goodness, your flowers are still just beautiful! I especially love the spider flowers and had forgotten about them. I grew them several years ago and for a while they came back from seeds dropped. Maybe I can remember to buy a pack of seeds next summer.