Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July...


(Cake and cupcakes that I made for the 4th,  3 birthdays,  and Belated Father's Day...)
              Happy Independence Day to all!
                               'Til next time,  
                               Love ya,  Jean

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Garden Views...

It's a jungle out there!!

(Click on pics to enlarge them.)

'Til next time,  
Love ya,  Jean

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Baby Quilts...

I made these charity baby quilts in the last few weeks...

Baby Boy...



Multiple boy things...

Bugs & dogs...

Silly farm animals...

These are so much fun to put together!
'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean

Monday, June 15, 2015

Flower Carpet Amber Rose...

This is a small section of my backyard.
My daughter gave me the rose bush a few years ago.
The yellow below the rose is a sedum.

It is loaded with roses and blooms for a long time.

It is interesting because the yellow-orange flowers
change to pink as it (the flower) matures.
It is a "Flower Carpet" Amber Rose.
This rose comes in 9 great colors,  too!

I love this rose.
And what's better is that,
it doesn't even get any bugs on it.

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Graduation Fun

My Grandchildren are all growing up!
We have had 3 graduations in the family this year.
Chris graduated from college,
Kayla graduated from college,
and Connor graduated from high school.

Here is the cake I made for them this past weekend.

The cake flavors were Chocolate Fudge,  Fun-fetti and Yellow...

The cap is made with cake and fondant...

Buttercream Icing...

Very Yummy!

There was a great party with a shrimp boil,  salmon,
 and lots of other goodies to go with it all!
Lots of family and friends came to celebrate...
And it was fun!

'Til next time,
  Love ya,  Jean

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Disney fun at home...

My family came over for Mother's Day.  Before they came I had some time to take pictures of my newest project.  I made new pads and pillows for the furniture and added some other touches around the back yard.  It's always fun to change things out,  to freshen up the place.

Mickey and Minnie came to my house...
Not really,  but it's fun to dream..

New Bird house...

Refurbished this table and chairs with spray paint
and purchased the checkerboard on Amazon...

The polka dot material was my inspiration...

I hand stitched the "hidden Mickey" on this pad...

I added these hanging flowers,  wish I had done it sooner.
I love them!

Painted the chest.
A great place for the cooler full of drinks.

And what is this thing,  you ask?
It is a wasp deterrent.
It is supposed to keep them away
because they think it is a big nest
and they won't try to move into the territory.
We'll see if it works.  I haven't seen any out there yet!

This is the other end of the yard.

These will be going into the ground tomorrow.

My daughter made these for me last year.
They are for a tippy pot arrangement.
I'll show them when I put it together.

It was my daughter and my granddaughter's birthdays,
at the end of April,
so we celebrated a little late,  but it was fun!
Any excuse for a party!

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Disney Trip...

I took a little trip last week.  
It was a short 3 day visit to DisneyWorld,  
and I was very happy to be there.

Magic Kingdom Castle

These are my relatives that I was with...
Me,  my sister Elaine,
my niece,  Carrie,
my niece,  Brooke
and my nephew,  Richie...


It was the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot...

Unbelievable beauty everywhere you looked...

The flowers and figures were amazing...

I loved these "Honey Pots"...

"Winnie the Pooh"...

"Lady and the Tramp"...

"Peter Pan"...

"Captain Hook"...



These were all put together with plant materials.

There were many,  many more,  it was so fabulous!

We also went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  I have lots more pictures,  but I don't want to bore you.
It was a lot of fun and if you get a chance, you should go there.  You can feel like a kid again.

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean