Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Garden Stuff...

My old shovel that is totally worn out!
A big piece broke out of the bottom!
I decided to honor it for all the hard work
that it has done over the years
and put it on display!

Some pretty tulips!

I got this at a thrift store a few years ago.
I love how you have to look twice to see what it is.
(I need to straighten it up yet.)

So we finally have some nice weather. 
85 degrees today,  back to 60 tomorrow...
Can't change it!
Make the best of it!

I love Spring weather!
'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day...

To all my family and friends...
May your day be very special!
'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Mermaid Garden...

I decided to make a Little Mermaid garden.
At first I didn't know where to put it.
I wanted it to be close,  so I could see it often.  
It ended up in the back yard.
I built it on this old rotted tree stump.
I like how it has the different levels.  
All the green stuff is called Stringy Stonecrop,
or Sedum Sarmentosum.
This is a pass along plant given to me 
by a neighbor when I first moved here 48 yrs ago.
(Just had my anniversary yesterday!)

I have collected a lot of seashells over the years.

I made use of some coupons at my local craft store 
and got some cute things for the garden, see crab above.

 This is the Little Mermaid...

 I put in a few plants...

 I had the sea snail...

The turtle is new...

Pretty rocks and shells...

I had the buoy,  just had to put a new handle on it.
And I just had to plant some Sea Thrift in there somewhere...

A friend gave me the glass float many years ago. 
The piling is really an old piece of fence post...

I used contractor shims for the little bit of 
fencing to hold the soil in.

The netting that is behind the snail 
is the bag that the rocks came in...

The basket of gold is from last Halloween 
and was a pirate's treasure back then...

I had a broken bottle and saved the bottom.
I knew it would come in handy 
somewhere,  some day...

So that is my Little Mermaid garden.  
I hope you like it!
It was fun to put it all together!

'Til next time,  
Love ya,  Jean

Monday, April 30, 2018

Seed Starting...

It is rainy outside,
 so I am inside today.

I thought I'd show you some 
of my indoor gardening stuff.

I have lots of seedlings in the tray 
with the clear cover on it.
Also, some plants that will be living outside 
when the weather warms up.

Below are my containers that I save my 
eggshells and used coffee grounds in.
These will go into the compost bin 
or sprinkled throughout the garden. 
The used coffee grounds are good sprinkled 
around my blueberry bushes.  
They love the acidity of the grounds.

They also say that the eggshells 
will deter slugs around the hostas,  
that they won't crawl over the shells-- 
too sharp on their bellies!

Here are a few of the other plants on the shelves
 that I have in my workroom.

Below is a pineapple top that I just started rooting.  
The roots are about an inch long now.  
I will put it outside once it warms up out there.

So,  even though I can't be outside today, 
 I can still amuse myself with my indoor plants!  Lol

Oh,  and I am also watching my gardening tapes that I 
recorded in 2000 and 2001.
They are of  "A Gardener's Diary" 
with Erica Glasener.  
I wish that she still had this program.  
She was the best hostess of all the 
gardening shows 
that were on HGTV at that time. 
 I just love my tapes 
and I hope they last for a long time.

How do you amuse yourself when it's a rainy day?

'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Pond and some flowers...

I finally have some flowers to enjoy...
This is Pieris Japonica...

A close up of the flowers....
So pretty...

And some daffodils...
I don't know the name of these...
They just happen to be one of my favorites...

A closeup view...

I have other small bulb flowers around the garden,  too...

And this is my pond...
All my goldfish perished this winter.  I had a pump in there,  but it must have frozen up.  The top of the pond froze over and the fish suffocated.  I am so sad about losing my fish but I decided it was time to do a good cleaning.  I had some Louisiana Water Iris in there that had taken over.  Half of the pond was full of them.  The roots were just a carpet under the plants and it was so thick!  There is a picture below of how they looked.

This is how it looks now.  A little more dusting and cleaning and we will be ready to fill it up again and start over.  I need to also work on the stream that goes into the pond.  It is a little overgrown,  too!

 This is a flower pot,  no holes in it yet,  with all the snails I found in the pond after it was drained.  I was amazed that there were so many still alive!

So,  sometimes things work out for the best.  Although I will miss my Goldies,  it is a chance to start over and give some others a new chance at life...  They certainly seem to enjoy living in a large pond environment and all my neighbors love them.  My pond is the neighborhood gathering place.  I enjoy it a whole lot,  too.
It is a lot of work,  but to me,  it is well worth it!

I will post some more pictures when it is up and running again.

'Til next time,  Love ya,  Jean

Thursday, April 5, 2018


So beautiful!

Can you say Phalaenopsis?
That is the botanical name of these orchids...
They are blooming again.
I just love them.
They help me get through this period of time, 
when I can't grow the flowers outside.

They are amazing!
God has blessed me with their beauty!
I had to show someone!

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter To All!

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean