Saturday, January 5, 2019

Little Dresses...

You may have seen this little dress on my BFF's blog, 
Our Cozy Abode a while back.  I made this and sent it to her for Christmas.  She is my mentor for knitting,  and is an expert at it!  I hadn't done any knitting for many,  many years so I had forgotten how to do a lot of it.  With her help and a lot of YouTube I have progressed in this skill and I enjoy it so much.

As you can see,   it is small...
I used a variegated yarn,
 so they all come out a little different...

I have completed these two this week
and I am working on a third one now. 
These three will be for my sisters.
They will still need the embroidery done on them,
once the knitting is complete.

So far,  I made one for my friend,  two for her nieces,  two for my twin sisters for their birthdays, one for my Mom,  a red crochet cotton one that I still have,  and a pink one that got marks on it when I blocked it.  So you see,  I do really like making them.  I will need to make two more for my daughters,  after this latest one is complete.   Oh,  and then probably two more for my granddaughters!  I see lots of little dresses in my future.😊

So much fun!!   What do you do for fun? 

Edited to add:  The pattern that I use for the dresses
 is by Cindy Rice Designs.  I love the patterns 
that she has designed for dolls!  
Go check out her website
 if you are looking for 
some really cute patterns.

'Til next time,
Love ya,  Jean 


Lady Jane said...

Hey girl, I love, love my little dress and I am going to hang it in my mini house on the changing screen in my mini bedroom. I will post a pic when I do it, just haven't got around to it yet. Also my little piece of cake is back on my DR table. love ya, lj

Henny Penny said...

The little dresses are just beautiful! I love them!

lil red hen said...

My oh my!!Such tiny dresses! I can't knit but I'm sure this was tedious work. Do you plan to make a doll to go with the dresses?

Chip Butter said...

Oh, I love these little dresses. I can imagine that some of your dolls may soon be wearing knitted cardigans on chilly winter days.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

You did such a wonderful job knitting these! They are just adorable and I am sure all of the lucky recipients are delighted to get one! I have a few books on knitting and no matter how hard I tried, my project was not coming out right. Thank goodness for youtube. I typed in my pattern info and found a video that help me learn the right way. I was knitting if backwards! LOL Now I can kint thanks to all of the info on these videos! Cant wait to see what you make next!

Jean Tuthill said...

Thank you, Ladies , for all the sweet comments... I am on little dress number 10 as we speak. I'm thinking they will make sweet gifts for my loved ones. I think they will like them. Thanks for visiting!